We offer a wide range of products and services from the branch of hydraulics.

We run sales and offer services at our premises in Szczecin. We also offer mail order selling. Additionally, we offer special 24-hour services.

We cooperate with many specialists and companies which, among others, specialise in hydraulicsand other types of works including: mechanical, electric, piping, metal, hull, carpentry, insulation, painting, geodetic, and planning and designing.

This works may also be carried out in foreign harbours.

Z wielką przyjemnością informujemy, że współpracujemy obecnie z wieloma specjalistami i firmami wykonującymi prace w zakresie:

We also offer access to the embankment in Szczecin, where the draft at the quay is about 7 m. The distance between bitts is 180 m.

Shipowner’s satisfaction is the determinant of the quality of our cooperation.

All the tasks performed are supervised by our inspectors, which assures that all the tasks are delivered to the highest standard. Our designers prepare documentation according to the clients specifications.

Considering the above we guarantee customer satisfaction from all our services