1. Our company has:

  • production halls with an area of about 2000 m² (two ~980m² halls – machining and cylinder regeneration halls)
  • hall cranage (gantry) with about 5T maximum hoisting capacity (or crane car entry capability )
  • access to piled quay with a minimum bearing capacity of 80 KN/m²
  • quay crane with 20 T(16T) hoisting capacity
  • light machining equipment or accessing it under cooperation
  • heavy machining equipment

2. We offer:

  • Performing hydraulic pipeline systems on ships and in all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic based systems at client’s location and on our premises.
  • Regeneration of cylinders and pumps
  • Machining of shafts, shaft pipe, rudder blade, coker etc.
  • Performing hydraulic cylinders (various types)
  • Ship equipment: bitts, lifts, foundations, stairs, ladders etc.


  • heavy turning: shafts, pipes, collars etc.
    up to 6000 mm length, up to Ø600 mm diameter
  • light turning
    length 1500 mm, up to Ø300 mm diameter
  • milling ( conventional horizontal and vertical millers)
    600mm length, 300 mm height, 300mm width of elements
  • boring ( conventional borer)
    boring holes with a diameter of up to Ø500 , sizes of 1500 mm length , 700mm width, 650mm height
  • flat surface grinder
    1000mm grinding maximum length, 300mm width , up to 400 mm height ( depending on item weight – maximum about 600kg)
  • shaft grinder
    maximum width 1450 mm , maximum diameter Ø200
  • cutting material (belt saw)
    bending diameter up to Ø200
  • bending pipes ( hydraulic benders)
    up to Ø63 bending diameter
  • balancing machine
    balancing object diameter of 1500mm space between bearing centres: minimum 200mm and maximum 1250 mm, maximum weight 1000kg
  • slotting machine
    250 mm slotting height , up to Ø450 diameter (possible to obtain Ø500 with special settings)

We have a team of skilled workers such us:

  • hydraulic cylinder and pump fitters
  • licensed welders (TIG , MIG/MAG and the 111 method)
  • turners
  • milling machine operators
  • slotting machine operators
  • hydraulic fitters